Indigo & Cloth

Published on 16 April 2013

Indigo & Cloth

Garrett Pitcher of Indigo and Cloth talks to The Gentlemen’s Academy about their move to nearby Temple Bar and whats on the horizon for the Dublin based brand.

“We moved from South William for a number of reasons. We were five years there and sometimes a change for change sake is good. We needed more room and the landlord wanted more money and in the course of discussion we knew about our now new home and done a deal for it. It’s four floors and will allow us to grow into the building with the many different things we do; Menswear, Studio, THREAD and now coffee with Clement & Pekoe.”



“Retail has changed more in the last year than the previous five. You dont just open the doors and sell stuff anymore. Fashion and social have shifted online and its hard to have a voice there amongst all the noise. We are currently building a new Indigo & Cloth site for the Autumn but it has to be representative of our business. As for the store itself, I think it’s now up there with London & NY in terms of its beauty and selection of product. The Studio is then on the 3rd and 4th floors and we have some great clients right now. Its nice when a project allows for all our skill sets; Strategy, Design, Film, Website. Ultimately with everything we do, we want it to be of International standard. We are our own critics but there’s a satisfaction in producing good work and stocking quality labels.”


Indigo and Cloth can be found at 9 Essex Street East, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.