Ward 8

Published on 10 April 2013

Ward 8

By Paul Lambert, The Blind Pig Speakeasy, Dublin

The history of The Ward 8, like most cocktails is slightly murky. The story says that this drink was created at Boston’s Locke-Ober’s restaurant in 1898 to celebrate the election victory of Martin Lomasney, who was seeking a seat in Massachusetts at the time. Lomasney was the local political machine’s power broker in Ward 8 and similar to many other power politicians of his time, held his victory party the night before the election. The Ward 8 was named by the Boston restaurant for Lomasney (aka Czar of Ward 8) and his pre-election celebrations. Award winning Irish mixologist Paul Lambert talk us through his recipe.


WARD 8:-

50mls Bourbon

20mls Fresh Lemon Juice

50mls Orange Juice

20mls Pomegranate Syrup

Method:- Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and add ice when ready to shake. Pour the contents of the shaker into an old fashioned glass. Garnish with an orange twist.